About the clinic

We are a friendly team of professionals committed to bringing you the best medical care possible.

We also work very closely with our Community Healthcare Team who provide antenatal, postnatal and nursing services and other specialist provision such as the Quitters scheme.

Procedures and services

  • Obesity smart assistent chronic dental service
  • Infectious desease wellness pain amputee
  • Ultrasound HIPAA compliance
  • Healthcare fertility incident instructions
  • Movement dental service
  • Billing heart kidneys blood pain radiology ultrasound

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Meet the clinic specialists

These are the professionals that care for you at the clinic.

At Polyclinic, you'll find a host of experienced, compassionate specialists for everyone in the family, from newborns to seniors. Whether you need a routine treatment, there's a selection of caring physicians at a location near you.

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Department: Dentistry, Pediatrics, Surgery
Specialty: Nutrition, Pediatry
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Department: Cardiology, Pediatrics
Specialty: Cardiology, Pediatry